Courses within the newly established and comprehensive Department of Science, Math, and Technology help students develop logical thinking in order to understand the world around them. Courses center around developing students' thinking and problem solving.

These three disciplines, like any art form, are each comprised of a coherent and precise language, with its own logic, rules, and beauty. Through carefully tailored and differentiated curriculum, Academy students are inspired, challenged, and encouraged, regardless of ability, to obtain excellence and satisfaction in their work. The courses emphasize disciplined experimentation and encourage intellectual risks and creativity. 

The mathematics courses range from algebra to BC calculus, with numerous AP and honors offerings. Each student will graduate having at least one course in biology, chemistry, and physics. There are also a variety of science and technology electives. The collaboration between all three of these disciplines provides students with a cohesive, consistent education that allows for deep and rich cross-curricular experiences.

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