The English Department focuses on developing sensitive and critical interpretations of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama through reading, discussion, and writing. 

As writers and thinkers, students will learn to push past text into subtext, discern reaction from analysis, and develop a pleasure for reading literature with purpose.

Students in the English Department will develop into sensitive and critical readers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama through reading, writing, and discussion. The curriculum is centered around our what-how-why methodology, which focuses attention to the synthetic relationship between the thematic and formal elements of literature and composition. This design gives students the ability to verbalize pointed responses, compose cogent essays, and interpret literature with confidence. 

Students at The Academy will have the opportunity to take English classes ranging from requisite courses like American Literature and Analysis and Composition to electives like Literature and the Comedic Form and Myth and Hero.  As seniors, students can be placed in AP English Literature and Composition upon the recommendation of their teachers.

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